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The Economics of Meaning in Life

24 July 2020

My cityscape of the Lloyds building on the cover of Joel Vos’ new book, University Professors Press


Cover of the book The Economics of Meaning in Life, featuring an acrylic cityscape painting of the Lloyds Building in London by female artist Paola MinekovJoel Vos has provided a challenge for us, individually and collectively, to examine what the mainstream of a capitalist economy has had upon, what we consider to be, the meaning of our lives. Basically, he has found that the system has established standards of what has worth that contains an important paradox. To whatever degrees we measure up to the markers of success, we find something missing when we consider what meaning we find in our lives. The economic system has left an imprint on our minds in which a disconnection from others and our ecology leaves us feeling anxious and unresolved. As Vos points out, the impact has been so pervasive through culture that its place as a source of our psychological distress is typically out of view. The contribution of this well researched and highly readable book is to remove the veil. In it we find a way to remake our economic system in ways that allow us to appreciate the deeper reaches of our connection to life, to our communities, and to our habitat.

Marc Pilisuk, Professor Emeritus, The University of California; Faculty, Saybrook University, author of The Hidden Structure of Violence: Who Benefits from Global Violence and War and Peace Movements Worldwide



About the Author


Dr Joel Vos, PhD, MSc, MA, CPsychol, is a psychologist, philosopher, researcher and psychological counsellor in the UK, specialised in existential psychology and psychotherapies. He is researcher at the Metanoia Institute and leads the Professional Doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. He is the organiser of the IMEC International Meaning Conferences and the London Critical University. He has over 70 research publications. Recent books include Mental health in crisis (SAGE) and Meaning in Life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners (Palgrave McMillan).

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