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Do I need to come to your studio and pose for hours?

No, I paint the portraits based on a selection of photos. Your features need to be clearly visible, i.e. no sunglasses etc. If you're in London, I'm happy to meet up and take the photos.
Note: The portraits I paint are artistic and not photorealistic. I make a special effort to make sure they don't look like they are based on a specific photo.

Yes, but I need at least 10 days from the moment I receive clear images to make sure I can deliver the portrait on time.

My friend has a birthday in two weeks. Can you still paint them a portrait? 

Sure, just let me know if you'd like one. You can view examples of short video edits on my Instagram page here:

Can I order a video of the creative process?

Yes, I'm happy to issue a certificate.

Can I have a certificate of my portrait? 

The portraits can be printed on up to 50x70cm or 70x70 cm (for square sizes) with no loss of quality. My printers ship globally but you can also opt to use any printing studio you like and just receive a print ready file.

What is the size?

Yes, you can print your portrait as many times as you like, use it on social media, as your avatar, print it on products like cushions or mugs. You'll receive a print ready file.

Do I receive the digital file?

Yes, I'm currently accepting commissions for Christmas.

I am commissioning a portrait for a birthday gift.

How much in advance do I need to order?


Art Series by Paola Minekov

My new series of digital portraits has become so popular, I decided to give it its own page.

Have a look at some examples and get it touch if you'd like to commission a portrait!

Prices starting at £470 

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