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Selling art from online marketplaces

24 February 2018




Susan Mumford, Founder of a number of art organisations, including AWADBe Smart About Art and Artaml, invited me to take part in this Be Smart About Art webinar.


See the BSAA blurb below:


Interviewee: Paola Minekov, Artist

Interviewer: Susan Mumford, Be Smart About Art


We’re regularly asked about how to sell art from online marketplaces. Though many artists create profiles, followed by uploading images and information, few see notable results. This is why I spoke with artist Paola Minekov, a Be Smart About Art Founding Member, about her success with (a marketplace from which artists sell directly to buyers around the globe). She provides insight what has worked – and also importantly, what hasn’t – when it comes to successfully selling art online. A quick glance at her profile today shows that she isn’t only selling affordable prints, either. Over the years, she’s had success selling original paintings and limited edition prints alike.


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About Paola: A Bulgarian artist who now calls London home, Minekov has a seemingly natural ability to balance creativity with business nuance – notably a knack for embracing the digital landscape. Art critic Claudia Moscovici says, “Paola’s paintings seem made for a Kafka novel. Angular yet fluid in form and deeply psychological, they combine several modern styles – including cubism, aspects of post-impressionism, and expressionism – to offer, quite literally, a multiple perspective on various themes important to our contemporary lives.” In 2012 she created the Colourful World Egg for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt, raising more than £4,300 for charity. Following that she was invited to paint Twiggie (the intu elephant) for the Elephant Parade UK National Tour, presented by intu. In 2014, she completed a large-scale mosaic at the Institute of Education in London.


Paola has painted several major series, including the vibrant Dancers series and dynamic Cityscapes. Her Undercurrents series explores the psychology of human relationships. In 2015, she had her biggest creation yet to date, a son named Alex. And indeed, one notable – and positive – outcome of artists having children is the impact on future art creations. We look forward to receiving pearls of wisdom based on Paola’s experiences during this event.

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