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Maze. A conversation in my mind.


Artist Statement:


What is a pillow talk? There is a constant chatter in my mind. A monologue with myself. A pretend dialog with others. Words in a maze. Rearrange. Pause. Restart. Repeat. Ideas decorated in ribbons and feelings imprisoned in chains. In my mind I create thousands of plausible combinations, thousands of different outcomes, of the past and the future. I may share them, or I may keep them to myself. I may invite you to play with them, too. 


My pillow Maze is one of 60 pillow featured in the acclaimed South London Women Artists exhibition Pillow Talk.


Pillow Talk has been shown at:


  • Uniqlo Tate Lates, Tate Modern
  • BBC 100 Women, BBC Broadcasting House
  • TEDxUCLWomen, University College London Pavilion
  • Pillow Talk Launch Party, Brixton East 1871 Gallery


About the Project:


Pillow Talk is a collection of art pillows that captures stories giving a visual dialogue on women’s histories, experiences and psyches. Sixty hand painted, printed, appliqued and sewn pillows explore diverse themes ranging from love, memory and loss, to science and the environment, to politics and war.


The pillows are laid out on the floor in the shape of the female symbol and visitors are offered a place to sit, read and have conversations. At its heart, sits a mobile library full of publications, catalogues, magazines and ephemera about women artists, echoing the themes of the pillows and selected from the Women’s Art Library – women being inspired by women.


Paying homage to the centenary of women getting the vote in February 1918, Pillow Talk contributes to a collective multi-layered memory of women’s art history and the achievements of contemporary women artists.

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