To paint is my way of analysing and understanding the world. My themes are always derived from everyday experiences and impressions. In my paintings, I explore topics like movement, energy, contrast and the mystery of emotions

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Claudia Moscovici, Author and Art Critic




“Paola Minekov’s paintings seem made for a Kafka novel. Angular yet fluid in form and deeply psychological, they combine several modern styles - including cubism, aspects of postimpressionism, and expressionism - to offer, quite literally, a multiple perspective upon various themes important to our contemporary lives: (mis)communication and love (the Undercurrents Series); movement and elegance (The Dancers Series); mood and expression (The Circus Series), Citycapes that captures not only cities, but also entire ethnicities and cultures. 


If you have an appreciation for modernist literature and art, you will very much enjoy Paola Minekov’s multifaceted paintings.”

21 February 2022

Paola Minekov's Art

Art Review

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