To paint is my way of analysing and understanding the world. My themes are always derived from everyday experiences and impressions. In my paintings, I explore topics like movement, energy, contrast and the mystery of emotions

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01 September 2022
  One day, I clicked on a phishing link. I agreed to tell my story because now, more than ever before, we need to stay safe online.
21 February 2022
Claudia Moscovici, Author and Art Critic “Paola Minekov’s paintings seem made for a Kafka novel. Angular yet fluid in form and deeply psychological, they combine several modern styles - including
24 July 2020
My cityscape of the Lloyds building on the cover of Joel Vos’ new book, University Professors Press Joel Vos has provided a challenge for us, individually and collectively, to examine
06 May 2019
Four of my paintings have been included in Dancing with Love, a poetry book by Claire-Louise Price. ‘This book is a joy’ – Woman & Home, on Walking with Angels
27 September 2018
Claudia Moscovici, Author and Art Critic I have chosen Paola Minekov’s painting Undercurrents as the cover for my book of reviews of Holocaust memoirs, fiction and films, Holocaust Memories. Paola
24 February 2018
  Susan Mumford, Founder of a number of art organisations, including AWAD, Be Smart About Art and Artaml, invited me to take part in this Be Smart About Art webinar. See
28 March 2017
  I was invited to join the BBC World Radio Discussion on the day Article 50 was triggered. BBC Image on College Green outside Houses of Parliament in Westminster
29 January 2016
  MTART Conference with Marine Tanguy, Organised by MTArt Agency
25 November 2014
Bring Twiggie back to Norwich campaign – intu Norwich magazine