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I’m Inside, Ring The Bell!

21 February 2022


I’m Inside, Ring The Bell! is a collaborative work celebrating women of importance, and a contemporary interpretation of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. It was exhibited in March 2013 in 47/49 Tanner St. 


I’m inside, Ring the Bell! won the Southwark Arts Forum Award in category Visual Art in October 2013.



My place setting: 


Anne Frank


Died in March 1945


The haunting memory of Anne will always reside in those precious years between childhood and womanhood. She was only 15 when she died, her body lost in a mass grave. Her red and white checkered diary is more than a mere historical document of the turbulent times she lived in. It is an honest and vivid exploration of what it feels like to become a woman and most importantly, to remain human despite the horrific circumstances.


Reading Anne’s words means loving, laughing and crying with her. I’d have her at my dinner party any day.


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