To paint is my way of analysing and understanding the world. My themes are always derived from everyday experiences and impressions. In my paintings, I explore topics like movement, energy, contrast and the mystery of emotions

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Four of my paintings have been included in Dancing with Love, a poetry book by Claire-Louise Price.


‘This book is a joy’ – Woman & Home, on Walking with Angels


This second collection, published six years after the author was widowed, describes her journeys of discovery – of new loves, new places, new experiences, and of herself. Yet through all of her adventures, near or far, in or out of love, someone was always close by and it was to him, Claire-Louise always returned. Entertaining yet compassionate, light-hearted yet profound, these poems are about life after death in more ways than one.


Extract from Walking with Hope


I do not see a light 

Or hear a step upon the stair

I can almost touch you

I know that you are there.


I can feel your presence

So strongly, so unseen

But I cannot tell anyone

They’d say it's just a dream.


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with Clair at the book launch

06 May 2019

Dancing with Love