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29 September 2010

In November 2010 I was one of 4 female artists interviewed by Claudia Crawley’s for her Winning Pathways Coaching blog series on women artists. Claudia is passionate about helping women create the change they desire in life, women’s rights and, of course, art! I’m proud to say she has also bought some of my work.


P.S. For the post, Claudia asked me to provide a natural photo of myself, as well as examples of my art. Being a huge fan of Impressionism, I chosea holiday shot, taken at Monet’s garden in Giverny, where he painted his famous paintings of water lilies.


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To paint is my way of analysing and understanding the world. My themes are always derived from everyday experiences and impressions. In my paintings, I explore topics like movement, energy, contrast and the mystery of emotions