Undercurrents in relationships are portrayed by this powerful painting which gives its title to my series of psychological studies. In it I explore the unseen and unheard yet almost tangible positive and negative energies which constantly flow between two people in a relationship. Acrylic on Panel, 50 x 40 cm Limited Edition Giclee Print, Edition…


An elegant composition of pale pastel tones captures the simple beauty of the universal image of a mother and her child. Acrylic on Panel, Private Collection, UK Buy a print Or A beautiful large (A5) blank greetings card.

Mountain View, CA

I loved my time in California – the land of sea and sun and my favorite colours. This work is showing a landscape with three tall palm trees inspired by the time I spent in Mountain View, close to San Francisco. This calm, but busy place embodies the Californian spirit of optimism and I was…

Still Life with a Bonsai

This is a very classical still life with a drape, a vase, and a bonsai I executed in oil. The focus is on colour and texture, while the forms describe a firm and classical composition. Original Oil on Canvas is available for sale HERE! or You can Buy Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas.

Dutch Tulips

Still life compositions are something I enjoy working on. They are a painterly exercise, a subject that allows me to explore the world of lines, colour and aesthetics. This work is my vision of a geometric still life with tulips. There is a connection with a traditional Dutch art of still life, but I was…

Spring Still Life

Spring Still Life is probably the most abstract of my works on the subject. Everything is reduced to pure form, from the vase and plant to the surrounding space, while the palette follows this minimizing trend. I wanted to portray a still life in a fresh manner and to emphasize the simplicity and the purity…

Still Life with Orchids

There is something visceral and geometric in orchid flowers, a quality I attempted to capture in a still life painting. A balanced, radial composition shows that this is predominantly an exploration of colour, in which I used contrasting pastel pairs of lilac and yellow. Acrylics on Paper Painting is available for Sale! Limited Edition Giclee…


The Second piece of The Buskers Series, Oil on Canvas.


This portrait of Jan is the first in my series, exploring buskers on the tube. While this version is still work in progress, it is important to me to keep the feeling of a quick, almost sketchy impression.


In this work, I used a still life to escape to Wonderland! I explored the contrasts and harmonies of colour, while keeping the geometric unity of the composition. The work is inspired by modernist styles of Cubism and Art Deco. Limited Edition Giclee Print Can be bought HERE!