Mountain View, CA

I loved my time in California – the land of sea and sun and my favorite colours. This work is showing a landscape with three tall palm trees inspired by the time I spent in Mountain View, close to San Francisco. This calm, but busy place embodies the Californian spirit of optimism and I was…

Dutch Tulips

Still life compositions are something I enjoy working on. They are a painterly exercise, a subject that allows me to explore the world of lines, colour and aesthetics. This work is my vision of a geometric still life with tulips. There is a connection with a traditional Dutch art of still life, but I was…

Still Life with Orchids

There is something visceral and geometric in orchid flowers, a quality I attempted to capture in a still life painting. A balanced, radial composition shows that this is predominantly an exploration of colour, in which I used contrasting pastel pairs of lilac and yellow. Acrylics on Paper Painting is available for Sale! Limited Edition Giclee…


The Second piece of The Buskers Series, Oil on Canvas.


This portrait of Jan is the first in my series, exploring buskers on the tube. While this version is still work in progress, it is important to me to keep the feeling of a quick, almost sketchy impression.


In this work, I used a still life to escape to Wonderland! I explored the contrasts and harmonies of colour, while keeping the geometric unity of the composition. The work is inspired by modernist styles of Cubism and Art Deco. Limited Edition Giclee Print Can be bought HERE!

Still Life in Blue

It was a perfectly natural thing for me to explore the colour blue through still life. I was searching for the expressive power in the lighter nuances of blue, juxtaposed with light contrasts and a lot of leafy green. The composition is again inspired by Neoplastic solutions and it’s more abstract than representational.   Acrylic…

Still Life in Red

Red is a symbol of vitality and I wanted to show its power through this painterly experiment. Even though it is not entirely painted in red, this still life carries the symbolism of the titular colour. The composition is inspired by Neoplasticism to a degree, while my goal was to explore the vivacious harmony of…

Still Life with Lilies

This is a classical representation of still life dressed in a cool, lightly contrasting palette. I played with the theme to show my own vision of lilies in a vase, a demonstration of perspective and form. This piece can be seen as the prefiguration of my latter, entirely geometric works.   Buy a Museum Quality…


Swimming Against the Tide is the inaugural exhibition of Hide Gallery, featuring work by SLWA members. My painting The Gherkin will be on display. The preview takes place this Friday, 27 Sep, 6:30 – 9pm. In case you can’t make it this week, a second private viewing will take place on Thursday 3rd October, 6-9pm, as part of Art Licks weekend….