Inspired by The Scream this is a study in retreating and reenergising as the subject withdraws from a stressful world to recharge and rebalance herself. Oil on Canvas, 50 x 60 cm


The strength of mutual support between two contrasting women is explored in this painting, which was inspired by my close friendship with a former flatmate. The women appear to be backing each other up even when facing in opposite directions. The painting lends itself to personal interpretation by the viewer and has even been used…

Kiss in Blue

Kiss in Blue captures that long moment of anticipation when a man and a woman gaze into each other’s eyes and realisation dawns that they are going to kiss for the first time. Acrylic on Panel, 34 X 29 cm, Private Collection, London Limited Edition Fine Art Print, Edition of 80, 34 X 29 cm

Echoes of Romance

Lack of communication between lovers leads to power-play, manipulation and pain. What interests me is the roles people then assume, their intricate psychological reactions to each other and to their troubled relationships. I’ve chosen a cold monochrome tonality to depict silence and the resulting emotional distance between two contrasting, disintegrating figures. Gouache on Paper, each…


A moment of deep intimacy is captured by this painting of two lovers embracing cheek to cheek in their own private world. Acrylic on Panel, Private Collection, UK Limited Edition Fine Art Print of 90, Size: 20 X 37 cm A beautiful large (A5) blank greetings card.

Ballet Repose

Ballet Repose is an unusual portrait of a resting ballerina which is based on life drawings of a member of the Royal Ballet. It captures the power of the female dancer, the strong woman behind the role, even when she is not dancing. Original: Acrylic on paper, 76 × 56 cm Limited Edition Print in…


The use of space and positioning and stance of the subject within it emphasises the mother as a figure of authority. She is someone you look up to. She’s a fierce protector and a symbol of strength. She is someone who gives strength. She loves unconditionally. She is a healer. She gives life and is…

The Seducer

Deep reds contrasting with a play of light capture the menacing yet alluring figure of the seducer and the woman’s apprehension and ambivalence, as she senses his danger but can’t quite let go… The Seducer is based on Claudia Moscovici’s novel of the same name.  Acrylic on Panel, 25 x 50 cm Limited Edition Giclee…

Cocoon III

Cocoon III, Oil on Canvas, Ribbon, Size: 60x80cm

Cocoon II

Cocoon II, Oil on Canvas, Ribbon, Size: 80x80cm