Dancers in Blue

Oil on Canvas, 50 x 60 cm Great bold strokes uncover composite figures, enveloped in the soft light of the stage. The figure here is just a silhouette, without outlines, and the stroke of colour alone creates the form. The soft gentle to

Dancers III

As I started exploring dance as one of my biggest sources of inspiration, it was a natural step to start exploring colour through it. This particular composition breaks away from the use of warm, earthy tones. It is a symphony of violet and blue, a nocturnal ballet scene in which the dancers perform their art….

Dancers V

In this painting, I allowed myself to explore the depths of blue, a colour I prefer and see as very significant. The composition played a secondary part in the work, as I endeavored to build the scenes with the wide palette of blue tones and highlights. It’s almost abstract. A Limited Edition Giclee Print on…

Dancers I

Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm I have always been fascinated with dance, with dancers and their flexible and strong bodies and with the lines their movements make.


Oil on Canvas, 60 x 80 cm, Private Collection, London

Ballet Black

Oil on Canvas, 80x60cm, Private Collection, London, UK


An odd addition to the Dancers, “Circus” is another study in movement and performance. By the way paint is applied to the canvas and because of the warm palette, we can see that it is akin to the first paintings of the series, although the theme somewhat differs. Regardless, the acrobatic skills of the clowns…

Dancers II

Oil on Canvas, 51x76cm (20″x30″), Private Collection, London “As you look at the painting, the dancers actually start to move” Philip Cohen, 2011