When read in sanskrit, yatna is defined as effort, exertion, energy, zeal, trouble, pains, care, endeavour. My goal was to represent the sublime confluence of all these values graphically, in one symbolic image. The work is a part of the  “Dreams and Nightmares” series. Museum Quality Art Print, Limited Edition of 25 can be bought…


This abstract work depicts the stages of a woman’s life from an innocent young girl through a vibrant sexual being to a powerful family matriarch. Virginal white, passionate red and cooler blues and greens symbolise the metamorphosis women undergo as their life and relationships change with the years. Acrylic on Paper, 39×51 cm Buy on…

The Seducer

Deep reds contrasting with a play of light capture the menacing yet alluring figure of the seducer and the woman’s apprehension and ambivalence, as she senses his danger but can’t quite let go… The Seducer is based on Claudia Moscovici’s novel of the same name.  Acrylic on Panel, 25 x 50 cm Limited Edition Giclee…

Cocoon III

Cocoon III, Oil on Canvas, Ribbon, Size: 60x80cm

Cocoon II

Cocoon II, Oil on Canvas, Ribbon, Size: 80x80cm


Oil on Canvas, 60 x 80 cm, Private Collection, London

Ballet Black

Oil on Canvas, 80x60cm, Private Collection, London, UK

Cocoon I

Cocoon I, Oil on Canvas, Ribbon, Size: 60x80cm

The Gherkin

The Gherkin is an iconic symbol of London’s skyline. It has fascinated me since the moment I first saw it. In this abstract painting I’ve depicted it’s futuristic shape as it towers above the surrounding buildings, casting a playful texture of mystery, shadow, and light all around. The lines depicting the structure flow naturally and…