Still Life with Orchids

There is something visceral and geometric in orchid flowers, a quality I attempted to capture in a still life painting. A balanced, radial composition shows that this is predominantly an exploration of colour, in which I used contrasting pastel pairs of lilac and yellow. Acrylics on Paper Painting is available for Sale! Limited Edition Giclee…


The Second piece of The Buskers Series, Oil on Canvas.


This portrait of Jan is the first in my series, exploring buskers on the tube. While this version is still work in progress, it is important to me to keep the feeling of a quick, almost sketchy impression.


Following all the media attention surrounding Bulgarians finally acquiring full EU freedom of movement rights, the Kensington & Chelsea Today paper decided to find out more about the positive sides of Bulgaria and the Bulgarians who already live in the UK. I am profiled in the feature, together with one of the IOE Students’ Union…


I spent last weekend in Nottingham, running elephant painting workshops for kids (and a few adults) in intu Broadmarsh and intu Victoria. The workshops took place in the Elephant Parade shops in both malls. Every kid got an elephant and lots and lots of bright paint. It’s simply amazing, how creative and fearless young children…


Last summer, while I was still painting Twiggie, data journalist and elephant aficionado Kristina Kashtanova sent me a Facebook request to interview me about the Elephant Parade. I invited her to come meet Twiggie in intu‘s head office where I had set up my temporary studio. She’s very much into photography too, so we had an impromptu photo…


In this work, I used a still life to escape to Wonderland! I explored the contrasts and harmonies of colour, while keeping the geometric unity of the composition. The work is inspired by modernist styles of Cubism and Art Deco. Limited Edition Giclee Print Can be bought HERE!


‘Sunday Tea & Cakes’ – an open house Christmas event with Liana Teruzzi Contemporary Art Sunday 15th December from 11am to 6pm. 24C Sibella Road Clapham, London SW4 6HX On display will be artworks by artists Paola Minekov, Ivan Minekov, Toby Deverson, Stella Tooth, Alessandra Pirovano, Tina Mammoser, Annalisa Colombara and Annamarie Dzendrowskyj. Working in…


Selebrating the Arts in Southwark – Congratulations to the SAFTAs 2013 winners! South London Women Artists (SLWA) win the SAFTA for Visual Arts with ‘The Dinner Party’!

Still Life in Blue

It was a perfectly natural thing for me to explore the colour blue through still life. I was searching for the expressive power in the lighter nuances of blue, juxtaposed with light contrasts and a lot of leafy green. The composition is again inspired by Neoplastic solutions and it’s more abstract than representational.   Acrylic…