Digital Portraits Collection on Prism NFT

Benefits for early NFT collectors


The first collectors of the Immersive Beauty and Sensual Grace NFT collections will get gifts such as:


- Free limited edition museum quality prints (non transferable if you sell your NFT). You keep the print!

- Exclusive discounts on physical artworks of their choice to compliment your NFT (transferrable). 

- Uniquely curated gift cards or exclusive artist meetups.



- 1 NFT - special monthly discounts on my personalised luxurious lifestyle boutique Lantern Space

- 3 NFTs - exclusive digital artwork greeting card for the biggest holidays each year + exclusive discount for one artwork of your choice

- 5 NFTs - Exclusive 30 minutes meeting with me and a in-depth discussion about the world, digital art and culture


Diversity is a key concept here. I invite you to find your own beauty in a varied gamma of colors and impressions. Immerse.

What is the benefit of buying my digital artworks as NFTs?


The important concept to grasp here is that you are not only owning a beautiful artwork, but also a digital asset.


Its existence within the decentralized ladder of the crypto world, means that you are the undeniable owner and a holder of validated proof of existence.


This not only gives you rights over my artwork, but also makes you a strategic player within this booming industry.


But there is much more that awaits you!


The collectors of my NFTs are also entitled to special bonuses. 

Why do you sell your artwork is NFT?


Digital assets have countless benefits. Probably the most important for you, as a buyer or collector, is that now for the first time buying digital art provides you with a proof of ownership. of any of my artworks sold as NFTs.


When you buy one of my NFT artworks, your ownership is validated through complex mathematical rules within the blockchain. This artwork is yours, you can keep it or, should you want to, easily resell it at a profit on the secondary NFT market.


But there is much more that awaits you!

What is an NFT?

A non fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit that is stored on a blockchain.

These unique tokens can be traded. In simple terms, they are used to prove ownership of a certain digital asset. Think drawing, music, a poster or…. You guessed it! Digital Artwork!

Immersive Beauty

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Sensual Grace collection

Grace collection


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