“Paola, words cannot describe how grateful I am for the way you saw my girl’s beautiful heart and for filling my soul with joy with your artwork.”



Elena B.


A digital portrait of a black woman in profile with curly hair portrayed through line art. By artist Paola Minekov
A digital portrait of a woman with glasses by artist Paola Minekov
An abstract cityscape painting of the Battersea Power Station in London. depicted in blue and yellow lines. Artist: Paola Minekov
A colourful cityscape painting by artist Paola Minekov showcasing a the Lloyds building in London.
An acrylic painting of colorful houses on a hill, depicting the Bulgarian town Provdiv. By Bulgarian artist Paola Minekov
A still life oil painting by artist Paola Minekov, featuring white orchids and a Japanese cast iron teapot.
An acrylic painting by artist Paola Minekov, depicting a woman looking to the side, in front of a male profile in grey.
An oil painting in yellow, red and orange, featuring the ballet company Ballet Black. Artist Paola Minekov

paola's artwork

A devoted painter, Paola Minekov encapsulates vital sentiments and moments of life using a discernible visual language. Her work reveals influences of early Modernist traditions, blending abstraction with figuration to depict lyrical, yet dynamic scenes.



paola minekov

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12 June 2023
  I was invited to become an artist in residence of the new and stunning art'otel Battersea. I spent two fantastic months, creating a lot of new work. The programme included:


“Paola Minekov’s paintings seem made for a Kafka novel. Angular yet fluid in form and deeply psychological, they combine several modern styles - including cubism, aspects

of postimpressionism,

and expressionism."


Claudia Moscovici,

Author and Art Critic

Female artist Paola Minekov, sitting in front of an easel in her art studio in London, painting an oil canvas in blue.

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