Dancers in White

At the same time while exploring the art of ballet as an inspiration, I saw an opportunity to express myself through colour and to explore different aspects of composition. My idea with the “Dancers in White” was not only to show the beauty of ballet, but also to keep the palette light and largely monochromatic…

Dancers IV

At times centralized and easily understood, ballet formations sometimes become very complex. To an observer they might even appear a bit hectic, but I find harmony and geometry in these performances. This is a study of the more energetic aspects of ballet dressed in darker tones, a way for me to conquer a more elaborate…

Midnight Dancers

I selected a triangular ballet formation for my exploration of the colour violet. My goal was to explore the full potential of this deep nuance and my Dancers series was a perfect foundation for this task. A Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas is Available for sale Here!


Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm, Private Collection The movement of ballet dancers is something I have always found fascinating. I see it as the supreme picture of elegance, something I wanted to capture in the elongated limbs of my dancers.


Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm, Private Collection, Israel


Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm, Private Collection, Israel