‘Sunday Tea & Cakes’ – an open house Christmas event with Liana Teruzzi Contemporary Art

Sunday 15th December from 11am to 6pm.
24C Sibella Road
Clapham, London SW4 6HX

On display will be artworks by artists Paola Minekov, Ivan Minekov, Toby Deverson, Stella Tooth, Alessandra Pirovano, Tina Mammoser, Annalisa Colombara and Annamarie Dzendrowskyj.

Working in a range of media their art is highly affordable, with prices from £36 to £5,500.
The artists themselves will be dropping in during the day.

In addition, we will have a special guest directly from North Pole …

Santa Claus is coming to Clapham, and bringing gifts for some lucky art aficionados!

Come along and enjoy this Christmas feast, as well as supping the complimentary tea and cakes which give the event its name.

It will be lovely to see you!

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