A Slideshow: Twiggie is the size of a baby elephant, meaning ever so slightly too large to fit through my front door. So I was offered to paint her in intu’s head office in London (They’ve got bigger doors in big buildings).

Everyone was keen to see her methamorphosis from white to her brigh, colourful and happy self so she (and I)were about to spend a substential parts of our lives for the next 1 month in the newly renovated cantine area. This presented me with a bit of a challenge in terms of finding materials that are a 100% non toxic and suitable for use in a restaurant (Thank you Liquitex for releasing your new water based acrylic spray paint right on time!!), and of course, I had to also make sure to keep the place clean and organised… when spray painitng… which believe it or not turned out surprisingly well.

So check out the slideshow below to join me on my journey painting Twiggie.

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