I got together with a group of IOE students to start working on the mosaic for the first time on a lovely spring afternoon. From the start I wanted this to be their mural. I wanted an artwork which expresses their ideas, interests and the mood in their Student’s Union. When I was a student in the Netherlands, all we had was a canteen with somewhat tasteless fast food and bad coffee. I can’t help compare this to all the IOE Student’s Union has to offer. It organises a variety of events, including life music and poetry, and offers it’s students classes in salsa, pilates, yoga and swing. So yes, music is a big theme and quickly became central to the piece. The other recurring themes were being in London, IOE being a place of transition and growth, and IOESU values like Equality, Peace, Freedom and Justice. So I integrated a cityscape and a network of flowing roads which run through the final design. The notes are from Imagine.

The picture below is the version I created based on the sketches of the students.

ioe students union mosaic mural project

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